For a year of my life, I lived with a constant stomachache and in complete
agony. I spent several months in and out of Doctor’s Offices always
walking away with the same outcome. It did not matter what specialist I
saw or what embarrassing test they put me through, no one could figure out
what was causing the pain. After being told numerous times that the cause
was stress and also a few opinions that sounded like they were calling me a
hypochondriac, I decided to give up and learn to live with the pain.
Months went by and I finally caved in, realizing that there had to be
someone out there that could help me live my life without pain. I went to a
seminar given by Laura and her methods made complete sense to me. I was
eating food that was wrong for my body. After only a few visits with Laura, I
started to feel like I had a chance for a pain free life. My body was
functioning better, my stomachaches were decreasing and I was sleeping
better than I had in a year. A few months later, I was pain free and totally in
control of my body.
I could not have done this without the support of Laura. She is one of the
most caring people that I have ever met in my life. Laura has a presence
that is indescribable. She makes it so clear that the methods she prescribes
is something she believes in with her entire being, it often brings tears to
her eyes. I realized, after only one visit with Laura, that she would help me
and she would not give up until she did. I appreciated that, more than she
probably realized. I never once doubted the things she wanted me to do or
try. I took the supplements, drank the mixes she created for me, avoided
the things she told me not to eat (even if it was something that I thought I
could not live without) and continued to tell myself that she was the help I
If you find yourself skeptical of what Laura does, she will change the way
you think. If you are desperate for help and you have given up on what your
Doctor’s have told you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I
am living proof. KV, Santa Barbara, CA.

I would like tell you how Laura Dawson changes my life the way I eat and take care
of myself. I had just went thorough major life crisis, I loss my mother. Emotion and
physical adjustment needed. And with legs hurting and I have been to many
doctors and they did not know what it was. Laura pin point the problem and told
me what to eat and what spices to use. She also kept me good health threw
winter months. What eat and what to stay away from.
At the time I met Laura she came to my office for visit and we got talking about heath and what she does by look at your tongue.
She looks at my tongue and told my life history of problems and that I have high blood pressure and high heart rate and asmatha. A big major event menopause and my peak flow pick-up from barely 200 it now 350…. I believe what Laura Dawson is trying to tell is good for the soul. I like that a pill is not always the answer in solving health problems. I hope this help understand what Laura is doing good work. VF, Washington, DC.

To Whom It May Concern:
Not only is Laura Dawson extremely knowledgeable in the field of Chinese medicine, Laura described to me exactly how my body would react with each different Chinese herb that I am taking and she has been right. Not only is her wisdom comforting Laura is kind, considerate and she is a very compassionate human being. I knew from the moment that I met her I would be in the hands of a woman who used a common sense approach to ancient medicine. I feel comforted by the extent of Ms. Dawson’s expertise and I will continue under her guidance in the future. I would recommend Laura Dawson to anyone because she has changed my life for the positive, and I know that she can change others as well. KL, Santa Maria,CA.

“The interactive presentation you provided on “Food Physics and Body Dynamics™” for Promoting and Maintaining Health, was extremely well received by all forty five (45) employees. Your knowledge of the subject matter and ability to transfer it to others enthusiastically was excellent. I was most impressed by your attentiveness to individual questions. Time did not allow for fully satisfying all questions and your willingness to follow-up with individuals at another arranged time was commendable.
I took the opportunity to query a cross section of employees who attended your presentation and found that all had experienced personal benefit from their new knowledge….
Thank you for your efforts Ms. Dawson. The employees of the Los Padres National Forest appreciate it. JS, Forest Wellness Program Manager, Goleta, CA.
Hosted by the Los Padres Forest Service Wellness Program.

CONTENT: The information conveyed to the audience was useful, understandable, and interesting.
VISUALS: A visual presentation medium was used appropriately and effectively. Including overheads and mirrors.
COHERENCE AND COHESION: The presentation was organized and it progressed logically from one section to the next. There was an effective introduction and summary.
PRESENTATION: Tone, gestures, and strength of voice were appropriate and effective. Presenter
appeared confident in what she was saying.
“We want to thank you so much for…our June 9th program, “Food for Thought, Thoughts on Food”…You
were by far the most enthusiastic and involved participant in our program. GW,Md., Director Integrative
Medicine Program, Congressional Health Care Parrish Nursing, Saint Francis Medical Center, Santa
Barbara, CA.

“I admire your passion, your commitment and your knowledge.” SS, Jasper, AB”

“Thank you for bringing new techniques and knowledge. Good luck to you.” NC, San Jose, Costa Rica

“Thank you for your interest in participating in the USDA’s August 19, 2004, public meeting for
stakeholders regarding the review and update of the Food Guidance system/Food Guide Pyramid. You
are registered to make an oral presentation during the meeting…The meeting will be recorded,
transcribed and later posted on the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) website.” See
Federal Register for transcript followed by detailed outline of suggested changes. USDA CNPP,
Washington DC.